• October 2, 2023
Fast Estate Clean Out in NY NJ CT

Estate Clean Outs in NY, NJ, CT

At Blue Sky Logistics (BSL) of Yonkers NY, we do many estate clean outs in NY, NJ, CT, and the all over the North Eastern US, per year. We perform estate clean outs for  various types of clients. Estate clean outs are often required by law firms, realtors and real estate agencies, actual property owners, next of kin or relatives of a possible deceased or disabled owner, and anyone else who might need an estate cleaned out. Our estate clean out package includes everything you can think of and more. We handle everything from clean out up until open house. So if you’ve never had to have an estate clean out we’re the people to talk to.

Not only do we deal with the disposal of unwanted items, we also transport any items that you wish to save, move, or donate anywhere in the North East, U.S (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.) This can be a new address, storage facility, your favorite charity, or anywhere else. Also for our customers moving things outside the Northeast, we will assist you in the packing and loading of a trailer, pod or other transport medium so that you may move your items to their final destination.

Once the estate is emptied, cleaned, and all junk is disposed of we will take care of any minor repairs (of your choice), as well as the general cleaning and beautifying of the estate for it’s future use. This includes repairs such as removing old carpet, the removal of old wood and other sorts of out dated or damaged paneling, removal of mounted mirrors, etc. Finally no estate clean out is complete without addressing the outside of the estate. BSL is well trained to demolish and remove old sheds, gazebos, decks, pools, and any other unwanted fixtures (birdbaths, etc.)

Our estate clean out team is here to make the estate clean out process quick, simple, painless, and discreet. We conduct fast estate clean outs on a regular basis and have streamlined the planning, packing, junk removal, and touch-up repairs so you won’t lift a finger.

What are some of the events that create the need of an estate clean out?

  • Debt
  • Divorce
  • Hoarding
  • Downsizing due to a change in living (moving, changes in tenants, etc)
  • Death of a parent or elderly property owner

Thankfully not all estate clean out jobs are due to these events. Many of our estate clean out clients are only in need of junk removal which is the biggest part of an estate clean out. The disposal of accumulated junk is a huge priority in the estate clean out process. Although, regardless of the reason cleaning out a home can be a daunting task. Ridding yourself of old furniture, electronics, appliances, carpets, and fixing a house for display is challenging. There may also be valuables and important documents that need to be secured. Not only are estate clean outs and junk removal jobs labor intense they require proper planning due to garbage disposal and dumping laws (many items cannot just be tossed into a garbage can or dumpster.) Again that is where Blue Sky Logistics comes in. We’re here to give you peace of mind by handling all the estate clean out worries. Everything from the largest to the smallest detail of the Estate will be handled, so you can concentrate on the more important tasks at hand. Tasks such as finding buyers or just trying to find a minute of free time. So whether you are grieving son or daughter, a real estate agent, or someone who just wants some items taken off their property call Blue Sky Logistics of Yonkers, NY today. We offer a free estate clean out consultation so we can plan what is best for you. Call us @ (914) 426-2069 .